Clearly the main point of The Darth is overcoming personal challenges, finishing the toughest event you’ve ever done against all the odds, etc, etc.

But equally important are several key elements of dress code.

  1. Wear proper trail shoes for the event. It’s an absolute must.
  2. We’re on a mission to ensure we’re all ‘on brand’ for this event, our tenth Darth. The theme for the after-party is (predictably?) Star Wars. So gather together your favourite Boba Fett or Princess Leia outfit, and feel free to run in it if that floats your boat. (even better, nab yourself a pair of Boba sneakers!).

And to finish, a plug for the next step up from Darth – the Marathon de Gwyr. This is our summer challenge… And it’s a magnificent one.

It consists of three consecutive days of fell-running across the stunning Gower peninsula, covering a total distance of 58 miles. Unlike The Darth there are no sea-dips or river runs, just beautiful landscapes and stunning coastline. Oh and the effort-equivalent of a marathon a day for three days. With our trademark excellent after-party.

It’s from Thursday 27th June to Saturday 28th June.