It is a noble tale. One of virtue and true, real life heroism. What is now Peloton Running was built on the foundations of wellbeing, community and friendship. But really, it also involves a lot of pain, mud, sub-zero swimming and ultimately, suffering. It began as a lowly dozen or so runners in the inaugural Darth Mannion Beach and Swamp Run Challenge. The moniker was chosen (by our fancy pants marketeer) as an adroit poke-in-the-eye to fancy pants marketeers, but it exemplified the fact that a group of friends banded together to craft a superb challenge in their own backyard – the wondrous place that is Gower.

The ‘main event’, the Darth, has grown in leaps and spurts into an event that will now field about 700 runners and is the fastest selling sports event in Wales (it’s someone else’s job to do fact-checking). So we’ve raced forward with vim and vigour, but still managed to hold onto the warmth, friendliness and community feel of the event (oh, and all the pain). But this is truly a community effort. We’re established as a Community Interest Community (or social enterprise) and the events only happen with an almost overwhelming amount of local support and endeavour. If you’re keen on the deeper detail, you can scan our corporate ‘reason-for-being. And if you’re keen to get involved, drop us a line. We’d happily accept help from all walks of life, from event volunteers and running guides to lawyers and accountants.