It’s a simple truth that our events are truly community affairs. We’re established as a Community Interest Company (a social enterprise) and the events only happen with an almost overwhelming amount of local support and endeavour. We thought it’d be helpful to publish our ‘reason-for-being’, clarifying our not-for-profit nature and the underlying intent to generate thousands of pounds a year for the Wales Air Ambulance. If you’re keen to get involved, drop us a line. We’d happily accept help from all walks of life, from event volunteers and running guides to lawyers and accountants.



The Darth event, Marathon De Gwyr, Darth Minions and other potential future events are only delivered because of the support of the local community and volunteers. This document provides clarity of the Social Enterprise that underpins such events, including its purpose and legal framework.

Social Enterprise: The Social Enterprise that supports all events is Peloton-Running. The Enterprise has been created to ensure all events are delivered within an appropriate legal framework, to manage risk to the organisers and to ensure compliant financial accounting. The following are key considerations:

  • Peloton-Running is not a brand but the legal framework for the events to be conducted in a manner, which minimises risk to all organisers.
  • Peloton-Running Directors have volunteered to represent the Social Enterprise.
  • The primary AIM of Peloton-Running is to raise money for the Welsh Air Ambulance. The annual goal for fundraising is £20k.
  • Subsidiary aspirations are to support the local community remain mentally-healthy and physically active. 
  • An Annual General Meeting (a look back) will be held between Directors and Key Volunteers. For ease of terminology this will be known as the Darth AGM.
  • An Annual Pelton Running Progression Meeting (a look forward) will be held for Directors and Key Volunteers to consider how the Enterprise can continue to evolve to meet its aim and aspirations. 

Annual Financial Statement: Pelton-Running is NOT-FOR-PROFIT, although monies will be held from events to ensure sufficient contingency should an event make a loss. Monies above the agreed contingency level of £20k will either be invested in the local community or added to the annual fundraising total. Accounting will be transparent and reviewed at every AGM 

Selection of New Directors: Regular AGM attendees can volunteer to become a Director at any time.

Key Volunteers: Defined as those who have an enduring management or coordination role throughout the year – this includes members of the Safety & Marshals Team, Promotions & Sign Up Team.  The AGM Secretary will manage the list of Key Volunteers.

Event Volunteers: Defined as those that assist events, perhaps in the preparation or management phase, or acting as marshals or regulators.  Regular participants can offer to become a Key Volunteer and attend the AGM.

Partners: Regular Dialogue with partners is important.  Current partners include Welsh Air Ambulance, South Gower RFC and Darth Coastal Runners.

Sponsors: Businesses and organisations can sponsor events for a designated period of time.  Monies generated by sponsors will be utilised to support Peloton-Running deliver events that are value for money, which in turn will assist Peloton-Running achieve its primary aim.