The Marathon de Gwyr (MdG) is our annual hyper-endurance challenge. And it’s a magnificent one. It consists of 3 consecutive days of fell-running across the stunning Gower peninsula, covering a total distance of 58 miles. Unlike The Darth Mannion there are no sea-dips or river runs, just beautiful landscapes and stunning coastline. Local ales are tested every evening.

You can find write-ups of some of the previous Marathons de Gwyr here (sorry the latest ones aren’t yet here; we’re still reminiscing):

MDG I Write-up

MDG II Write-up

The MdG consists of 4 stages:

Stage 1: Day 1 Afternoon – 19 miles

Stage 2: Day 2 Morning – 12 miles

Stage 3: Day 2 Afternoon – 9 miles

Stage 4: Day 3 Morning – 18 miles

Each day finishes on a beach giving runners the option to cool off in the sea. Participants are encouraged to run the full distance; however if we’re feeling lenient closer to the time, we may reopen for people who only want to take part on the final day (and endure the disdain of the 3-dayers).

Internationally recognised Darth Peloton System

Similar to The Darth, the MdG is an inclusive challenge and not a race. It will utilise a peloton system and there will be no static marshals. As such runners will be expected to run together, and not faster (or slower) than their designated peloton. Multiple pelotons will be utilised at the half way point of each stage to cater for different abilities.

Accommodation and Clothing

Campsite accommodation will be organised for all runners. Warm breakfasts will also be provided, as will lunch on Day 2. Participants will be expected to bring their own camping equipment, as well as sufficient warm clothing. Equipment will be transported by MdG vehicles. Evening meals and libations are at the runners’ expense.

MdG Summer Party

The post-run social is an extremely important part of the MdG. After the final stage runners there will be a BBQ at South Gower RFC and then a knees-up in the evening at The Valley Hotel, also in Bishopston. 


The full cost to take part in the 2020 event is £99.  This includes:

  • 2 x breakfasts and 1 x lunch
  • Energy drinks, energy bars & fruit
  • Insurance
  • Transport & safety car hire
  • Campsite costs
  • MdG ‘Survivors’’ clothing

Route Maps

Day 1 – 19 miles (click to view)
Day 2 (am) – 12 miles (click to view)
Day 2 (pm) – 9 miles (click to view)
Day 3 – 18 miles (click to view)