Although the challenge is not a race, there are ample opportunities for competitive types, or anyone who wishes to bribe Darth.

All of the below individual awards are given to the competitor who completes the final 2k of the challenge first in their category. This stretch of the course is populated by static marshals. You will be notified when this part of the course commences.

Please note, award-precedence is given to people running in higher-difficulty Pelotons.  So if, for example, the first person to cross the line started in the ‘in-betweener’ sub-peloton, and second to cross the line started in the ‘immortal’ sub-peloton, the award will go to the second placed immortal.

Awards are as follows:

Darth’s Champs: First finisher of the final 2 mile sprint.  Separate male and female awards.

Fastest Veteran (Aged 40-49) : Separate male and female awards.

Fastest Master (Aged 50+):  Separate male and female awards.

Top Heavyweight: Calculated based on weight algorithm.  Based on weight given at entry.  One overall award.

Fastest Foreigner: Must hold a non-UK passport or have convincing accent.  One overall award.

Bravery award: Pretty much speaks for itself

Top Fundraiser:  Top Wales Air Ambulance fundraiser based on justgiving funds raised – or other verified fundraising (must notify before March 18)

And two brand new awards…

Darth’s Disciple: Based on lifetime commitment to Darth and all he represents

Darth’s Order of the Regulator: To be given to someone who has shown an unwavering dedication to the glory of the pink top.

We do not publish race chip times.  This is to avoid a scenario of the ultra-competitive sorts pushing ahead of their Peloton to beat the previous year’s effort!