At the recent DAGM Darth Mannion shared some  wisdom. He decreed that there are three types of people in this world. There are the weak, the foolhardy and the brave.  He disregarded any exceptions.

Despite the nervous protestations of his team and supportive wife, he continued. He said that you can identify which group people belong to by simply observing their peloton selections. The weak, he argued, select a peloton well below their ability level. They are motivated by avoiding failure. Many viewed this as scandalous but a neck choke on the reckless Nick Tune put paid to any further disagreement.

The foolhardy select a peloton way beyond their fitness abilities. They lack self-awareness and get confused between ambition and ability. Such was his passion that his strongly voiced opinion turned into a scream that shook the very foundations of the meeting room (The Valley Pub, Bishopston). No member of his team offered any dissent, The Fox was so scared he hid under the table.

The brave choose a peloton that fits their ability. The run is a challenge but not overly so.  They do not create bottle necks.

So when signing up next week, please ensure you select your peloton wisely.  Pelotons are outlined below. You will need to know your preferred peloton before signing up.