Pete Mannion


Darth, or Pete as some like to call him, is the evil genius behind the Darth Mannion Beach and Swamp Run Challenge. Born of a virgin birth, Darth is the Strategic Lead for everything that is Darth Mannion. He is also the Front Regulator and the Bishopston Village blue rinse pinup.

David Carey

Chief of Staff

Co-founder and general manager of Darth Mannion; he oversees all tasks and responsibilities delivered by the committee members. A combination of an iron fist and medically-diagnosed OCD means that David oversees a well-drilled process and keeps in-fighting and egos to a minimum. He is responsible for the coordination of Regulators and takes great joy in dropping fatigued runners off at the safety bus stops. Outside of Darth Mannion, David is a trainer for the RAF.

Owen McNamara


Owen McNamara undertakes the unenviable task of ensuring the event is properly funded, insurance is covered and sufficient funds are left available to our charity. Owen is a co-founder and Regulator. Owen’s spare time is spent sourcing and spray-painting Darth Mannion awards (pebbles from the local beaches). Outside the event, Owen works in marketing.

Jon Young

Marketing Director

Jon directs Darth Mannion marketing and communications, including all social media activity and group email correspondence.  On the day you will also see Jon undertake Regulator duties. Outside of Darth Mannion, Jon works in Marketing Research in London.

Robin Benton

Marketing and pyrotechnics

Robin partners Jon in the marketing team, specialising in the creation and production of Darth Mannion videos.  On the day Robin is a Regulator and has a hands-on role in coordinating photography and pyrotechnics.

The Toft Brothers

Logistics Team and Veterans Liaison Unit

Simon and Marcus, deliver on a range of activities. Providing materials, signs and local knowledge, they are key contributors to the event. They were responsible for setting up our website and are busy planning routes for the Marathon de Gwyr (the Darth Mannion Summer Event) and campaigning for more 40 + runners to participate. Rumours of recruitment drives in local care homes are untrue.

Chris Bidder

Safety Advisor

Chris is a central member of the committee, providing key advice on all areas .  In 2015 he wrote a blog which documented his journey from Couch to Darth – a truly inspiring story!  In 2016 he is taking the lead on the pilot ‘Half a Darth’ event.  Outside of the event Chris is a paediatrician.

Rob Coles

Charity Strategic Lead

Engagement with our nominated Charity, and promotion of sponsorship requirements to all runners is the responsibility of the infamous Rob Coles. Rob also acts as the Fox (Regulator who leads the Early Birds Sub-Peloton) and the Silent Sweeper (Regulator who drifts to the back of the Full Peloton to assist weaker runners). Remember finishing after Rob, or the Silent Sweeper, will get you a Did Not Finish (DNF) Ranking. In his spare time, ROb manages a local mobile phone shop.

Chris Coles

Safety Team Lead

Chris Coles is the Safety Team Lead.  He is also a Darth Mannion Regulator, despite a robust approach to safety Chris failed to complete DMBSRC VII and MdG II – inadequate trail shoes and poor functional control were the main factors.  Chris has recently been promoted from the admin lead; he had managed the administrative team responsible for the slick arrivals process. When not putting together Darth Mannion risk assessments, Chris is a fireman.

Nick Warren

Head of Graphics, Design and Creative Thinking

(Non-medical) Dr Nick ‘Wozzer’ Warren, owner of Silverback Ltd, kindly provides all designs, graphics and creative developments. He also offers Darth Mannion T-Shirts at rock-bottom prices and still donates a percentage of each shirt sale to our nominated charity. Dr Wozzer ran the first 3 DMBSRCs but has since retired. Outside Darth Mannion Nick is a graphic designer and is founder of the Silverback brand.

Julie Parker-Deer

Community Liason

Julie Deer (Parker- Deer) was the first female member of the DCR Committee. A dedicated fitness enthusiast, she was one of only a few female competitors that ran in the Darth’s Immortals peloton in Darth Mannion VI.  She is also the only female ever to have completed the gruelling Marathon de Gwyr; including the 4 pub stops. Her committee responsibilities include Community Liaison, Darth Minions and nutritional advice.  Darth has already benefited from her dietary knowledge, losing over 2 stone after Julie advised him to half his daily pudding intake (from 4 to 2).

Tom Price

Site Manager

Tom Price, an expert in environmental disaster planning and sanitation, is our Site Manger. A hard working and industrious chap who is dedicated to ensuring all runners have a fun and safe after party.  Tom once entered Master Mind and scored 22 on his specialist subject of Portaloos.  As a Darth Mannion Regulator Tom provides the crucial Safety Sweeper function.

Eve Weatherley

Events Planner

Eve Weatherley is an expert Party Planner who has organised events for some of the biggest names in Bishopston.  Her parties are the perfect blend of chaos, mischief and cheap alcohol. Eve is also a Darth Academy Regulator and Darth Coastal Runners devotee.

Si McWhirter

Darth Minions Co-ordinator

A mad and slightly unnerving Northern Irish-lad, Simon is keen to help out everywhere and participate in everything. He has completed ultra runs, survived the Marathon de Gwyr and bested Darth in a bare-chested wrestle.  He currently coordinates the Darth Minion events with Ian Joslin.  Simon is a property tycoon and Gower Woodman.

Nick Tune

PR and Communications Officer

Nick Tune is the Darth enterprises Communication Officer, adept across a wide number of social media platforms, with the ability to speak several languages, including Klingon, Nick has been a great acquisition. He generates crucial PR, provides guidance to the marketing team; greatly assists our chosen charity (he has raised more than any Committee Member for WAA) and coaches Darth on a wide variety of social interactions. Outside of Darth, Nick is a local entrepreneur and ski instructor.

Paul Crutcher

Donor Funds Co-ordinator

Paul Crutcher has the enviable ability of persuading local businesses and the Bishopston rich list to donate money to the Darth Coastal Runner events, enabling entry costs to be reduced and more funds made available to our charities. Paul has above average chat; a great side-parting and tight fitting jeans, the perfect qualities for a salesman with nothing to sell. Paul is a Marathon de Gwyr finisher and Darth Mannion regular.

Ian Joslin

Assistant Chief of Staff

Englishman Ian Joslin joined the Darth Mannion Committee in 2014 after completing Darth Mannion V and VI.  A finisher of Marathon De Gwyr, Ian works closely with Julie to raise awareness of Darth community projects including the Darth Coastal Runners Team and Darth Academy.  Ian’s foreign connections provides the committee with vital insight on the needs of the strong English contingent that take part in the event each year.  That said, his love for Gower has started to influence his values and he now speaks in the local dialect, has been spotted wearing the red rugby jersey of Wales and will only eat Cawl, coupled with a few pints of Reverend James.

Rhodri ‘Taff’ Thomas

HR Deputy

Rhodri Taff Thomas is the HR Deputy. His responsibilities include assisting the Admin Team with the jobs nobody wants to do. He has never run a Darth Mannion event and quite happily never will. In fact, he is unsure how he ever got involved in the Darth Committee and, without success, has offered his resignation on numerous occasions. He is still utterly bewildered why he helps out a group of, in his words, ‘idiots’. Taff is easy to spot, when you finish the DMBSRC, he will be the chunky chap who provides you with your race position.

Nathalie Thomas, Fiona Stares and Peter O’Kane

The Community Team, perhaps the most attractive of the Committee’s Sub Teams, are a dedicated resource to improve the health, vitality and fitness of the local community.  They do this through constant social media activitiy; gentle nurturing and all out threats of violence.  They support a wide variety of tasks including charity and registration.  All members have completed the rigorous Marathon de Gwyr.

Ceri Hughes

Legal Officer

Ceri is the Darth Mannion enterprises resident lawyer. He is responsible for reviewing and approving the event insurance (Death and Dismemberment only Policy). Ceri is also the only committee man to be included in the Hall of Shame but in DMBSRC V he did reverse this trend and win the Most Improved Award. Chris works as a lawyer outside Darth Mannion.

Mark Stevens

Administrative Officer

Mark Stevens has recently been promoted to Administrative Officer taking over from Chris Coles. He is now responsible for the management of the arrivals process, the finish line administration and all support staff dedicated to these tasks.  If you are in a long queue waiting to collect your winners medal, please be sure to blame Mark.  Mark works for the Wales Air Ambulance and mentors Rob Coles.

Craig Gavin & John Price

The Interns

Craig Gavin, Army Officer, and John Price, Mining Tycoon, are the final members of the Darth Committee. Their roles are limited for the moment but as the event grows so will their deliverables. Craig is hard at work preparing routes for the Marathon de Gwyr. Both are exceptional runners and key members of the Regulators.