Greetings to our attentive audience  We hope you are all managing during this challenging time.  We’ve not had a lot to share of late but wanted to update you on our current plans.

With the continuing restrictions relating to COVID we are sadly confirming that Darth XI  has once again been postponed – this time to March 2022.  We held off on this decision as long as possible, in the hope that the world would rebalance.  But alas, this has not happened.

If you signed up to Darth XI your entry has been automatically rolled forward and we’ll confirm the exact date as soon as we can pin it to some suitably frivolous external event – like rugby Super Saturday (yes, we listened to feedback, and that’s back in the offing). 

We know this is frustrating, but as one of South Wales’ biggest, most un-socially distanced endurance events, we can’t risk pushing ahead with an earlier date in case we add irresponsible pressure on our local rescue partners Wales Air Ambulance and Cariad  – not to mention our cohort of trusty running regulators and marshals. 

For those who can’t wait that long for their next challenge, you can put your mind towards running Darth’s big brother this autumn – the Marathon de Gwyr (MdG)  (the boozy ultra) 60-odd miles of fell-running over three days punctuated by bouts of unforgettable debauchery. 

We’ll open entry for both soon – so watch this space.  You may also want to like our Facebook page where we’ll be posting all sorts of other updates.

Until then, keep fit, stay well and keep us in mind for your next big challenge.