With just 2 weeks to go, I thought I’d share my plan of action in the final run up to Darth. It’s really important in these last few weeks to remember that the hard work has been done, hopefully you’ve made it through your training and preparation injury free and you’re all geared up and ready to go. Now is not the time to start panic training for the event and cramming in lots of long hard runs in fact, last week should have been probably your last tough training week. Anyway enough of that, here’s my last minute top tips to get Darth ready. Enjoy

Tip 1 – If you haven’t already been doing regular hill sessions then try fitting one in this week just to get your head around the best technique. Find a hill about a mile from home (or set the treadmill to a decent incline) and run slowly up, then turn around and walk or jog slowly back down as your recovery. Each time you go up the hill focus on looking ahead not down, be light on your toes and stay upright, make sure you drive your arms backwards and believe me your legs will follow. On the sand dunes try to step in someone else’s footprints but don’t tell anyone I told you that! 

Tip 2 – If at all possible after, before or during your next run try to get into some cold water (if it’s safe to do so), only up to your knees and wait until they get cold then try running, stand in a bucket of ice water if you have to, it’s a weird sensation but not dissimilar to running off a bike in a triathlon. The more you do this in the coming weeks the less of a surprise it will be on the day. You’ll feel like you can’t run but that’s just your mind playing tricks on you and by the way it’s the river runs that are cold, the sea dips are actually quite pleasant. 

Tip 3 – Test out your kit before the big day, make sure it doesn’t chafe when wet, don’t turn up on the day without adequate and suitable clothing, many people choose to remove their tops for the sea dips and then put them back on, remember fail to prepare then prepare to fail! Gloves are a must for me as are tight fitted, multiple layer, quick dry clothing. Trail shoes with a decent grip are mandatory!

Tip 4 – Test out your nutrition, do you have a strategy? We only provide water on the route so if you need fuel/gels or hydration make sure you bring it along. It’s def not your average 13-mile trail event and don’t try anything new on the day.

Tip 5 – Get plenty of sleep in the last week that way if you get nervous and don’t sleep the night before it really won’t matter.

Tip 6 – Stay hydrated (no not beer or Malbec), I’m serious this can make a massive difference to performance, if you turn up on the 6th perfectly fuelled and hydrated you are already starting in a great place. 

Tip 7 – Relax and remember the Darth is an inclusive event about community and camaraderie, there are no times, we are all in it together, it’s only a race for the Immortals and we don’t even unleash them until the last 1.5 miles. We have a team of awesome regulators ready and waiting to pace you around the course according to your group but beware the Mudtroopers sweeping up the back. 

It’s going to be an awesome day guys, see you in the hot tubs at the finish and don’t forget your star wars costumes. I’m sooo excited!! 

P.S. I ran the route today and the course is looking awesome!