The sea submersions are by far the most feared element of the Darth Mannion course.   And that’s no surprise.  Entering cold water fully clothed is something most of us haven’t done since our student days, so it’s always a shock to the system.

However, as with any physical challenge, we can make the process a bit easier by exposing our bodies to cold water in the lead up to the event.  For most of us, this exposure will simply involve taking a cold showers.  But a few of our more innovative and daring participants have gone the extra mile.

1. Take a mud bath

You just can’t go wrong with finding a muddy pool on a rainy day, taking your top off and lying down.  There are plenty of these in Wales, so get out there and find one!

2.  Find some snow.  If, like this happy chap, you live in the Pyrenees, then you may want to wait for nightfall and lie down in the snow in your pants.

3.  Take a ski holiday.  If you want to avoid the leopard print underwear look, thee ladies have trialled a more sophisticated option in the French Alps.  A couple of entries for the 2018 calendar there too

4.  Do the Darth naked:  The most dedicated effort has to go to this competitor who ran the entire Darth Mannion naked, with only a hand towel to cover his unmentionables.

Anyway, we hope those help inspire you to come up with your own methods!  Happy submerging!