Some select quotes from runners participating in the pilot event 2015…

  • “The MdG is an unparalleled mix of physical endurance, breath taking scenery, new friendships in the face of adversity, hearty Welsh food and the very finest ales.  No other event I have done or heard of ticks so many boxes.  Its unique and makes the Marathon des Sables look a little square!”

    Dr James Gough, Adventurer, Ultra Runner, Ex-Army Officer and inept Career Advisor.
  • “When I first saw the leaflet for the MdG I thought it was a crazy idea, but after thinking about it I thought it might be just the challenge I was looking for.  It turned out to be one of the hardest and most painful experiences of my life – but it was also without doubt the most fun and most rewarding.  The scenery is simply stunning, the challenge is just the right side of the exhilarating/excruciating divide, and you really couldn’t hope for a better group of people to do it with. I’d recommend this to anyone.”

    Mr Lucas Daly: Researcher, Weekend Activist and Soul Runner.
  • “Nicknamed ‘The Boozy Ultra’, The Marathon de Gwyr is a not just a run. If you like beer, food and camaraderie thrown in as well then this is the run for you. A 3 day trail running epic across the majestic Gower peninsula, taking in all nature’s wonders as well as a few pubs, this adventure will leave you with a sense of achievement, friendship, sore feet and a bit of a hangover. Looking forward to next year!”

    Dr Will Gough: Ex Army Dentist, Trail Runner and Captain of Sandbaggers RFC.
  • “As the only female entrant in the inaugural MdG, I was a little worried about participating in the event, how wrong I was. The route is breathtaking, the support is unlike anything that I’ve experienced at any other event (arriving at your destination to find your tent already pitched is a really great feeling) and the friends gained and memories formed are priceless, the post race BBQ and after party was a blast and I can honestly say that I enjoyed every single step. The MdG aka ‘The boozy Ultra’ is remarkable and I can’t wait for next year to do it all again”

    Mrs Julie Parker-Deer: Mud Runner, Gower Girl and DMBSRC VI Top Female Award Winner.
  • “The Marathon de Gwyr was a wonderful experience. Whilst it pushed me to my absolute physical limit it also taught me a valuable lesson – anything is possible. Before the event I had only participated in a few Half Marathons and with times only just under two hours I shouldn’t really be entering an Ultra. But this event is completely different to what I expected – you all run together! Pushed along by other runners it was remarkable how I kept up. If this was a competitive race I would have given up on Day 1 but the Peloton, the social and the new friends I made, really got me through this. I would recommend this to anyone and, whilst you will need to increase your normal training, this is an Ultra event that is certainly achievable no matter what your running pedigree”

    Mr Chris Coles, Fireman, Welsh Amateur Rugby Capped Player and Village Vocalist.
  • “2 marathons in 3 days they said. Well what they meant was 54 miles on undulating terrain all in 48 hours with 3 pubs stops, followed by a BBQ and all night party! 19 miles on day one was fine, 18 miles on day two with a forced two hour break at the midpoint was horrendous, but at least it enabled the weaker runners to keep pace. The final day was glorious but it was the hardest 17 miles I have ever run, not least because I had 5 pints of Gower Gold the night before. Despite my hangover the cold bottle of beer I had at the finish at Pwll Du Beach was delightful. This madcap challenge is something every runner should consider. Beware of the man they call Darth”

    Craig Gavin, Olchfa School Prefect, South Gower RFC Top Try Scorer (2002) and Darth Mannion Committee Man.