Key timings

When: Friday 16th March 2018

To ease congestion on the Saturday we are also opening registration Friday evening.  For insurance reasons you can only register yourself.  Identification (e.g. driving licence, passport) will be required.

17.30-19.30 – Registration 1

When: Saturday 17th March 2018

7.30am – Registration Opens.  For insurance reasons you can only register yourself.  ID (e.g. driving licence, passport) will be required.

8.20am – Registration Closes

8.30am – Race briefing (all must attend)

8.55am – Group photo

9.00am – Tenderfoots depart (other pelotons to depart soon after)

14.00 – Awards presentation

16.30 – Charity auction

7.00pm – Evening Party (Circus Fancy Dress – be imaginative!). The event is ticketed  – all tickets (wrist bands) are to be collected at registration including any extras.

All competitors will be given a food voucher, 2 tokens for drinks and an after-party wrist band (plus any extras ordered at sign up) at registration. If you are no longer competing but have paid you will need to collect your t-shirt and vouchers at registration.   The event takes place on the final day of the six nations (big screens will be provided), and all participants and family are invited to stay to watch the games.  The day and evening entertainment is as important to us as the run itself.

The venue: South Gower Rugby Club, Pwll Du Lane, Bishopston, Gower, Swansea. SA3 3AJ.  (See map below)

Showering: Showering facilities will be available, although if you have local options we recommend you make use of these (just make sure you come back).  Showers can get quite congested and hot water has been known to run low.  There will also be hot tubs!

Bring cash: The venue does not have a card machine so you will need to bring cash for spending at the bar. We will be running an auction to raise money for Wales Air Ambulance with some great prizes, so please come prepared with plenty of cash!

Bring warm clothes: If the weather is cold and windy (not unheard of in South Wales!) It can feel quite cold after the event so make sure you have warm clothes to wear after.

Parking: Parking is very limited so if you can, please lift-share or if you are local, please walk.  If you have to drive, there are two official options.  Option 1: There will be a limited number of spaces at the rugby club – you’ll need to arrive early to get one.  Option 2:  Parking is available at Bishopston Primary school, a 10 minute walk to the rugby club.  We will hopefully have a shuttle bus on!

Belongings: There will be a bag drop station available at a cost of £1 with all proceeds going to Wales Air AMbulance

Environment: This year we are doing our bit to help save the planet by reducing the amount of throwaway plastic used at the Darth Mannion.  One way in which we are doing this is through the introduction of our bespoke, keepsake Darth Mannion reusable plastic pint glasses. What we are asking you to do is to purchase one of these just prior to ordering your first pint of the day. You will receive a glass that will be yours to use for the day and to take home as a reminder of the event. And the cost of this……just £2.50! Please join us in leaving the beautiful National Trust course in the same state that we find it.  Please ensure that gel wrappers, drinks bottles, or anything else are not dropped on the course.  If you see any lying around please join us in picking them up and disposing of them in a bin.  We are allowed to run thanks to the good will of the National Trust – we want to keep it that way!

Safety:  Please please please read the safety info below before the event:

D anger – the DMBSRC could be dangerous to the unprepared and foolhardy, Dangers include:

A mazingly cold water – cold water entries can be a shock to the system causing cold water shock and onset of hypothermia. You can also drown in water, obvs!! All water entries are monitored but please follow guides and don’t enter water if you happen to be on your own. Lifeguards will be positioned at sea entries and Marshalls at river entries.

R oads – There are no road closures and you should treat all roads with vigilance and be respectful of other road users. You are responsible for your own actions when crossing or running adjacent to roads.

T umbling to your Death – some of the coastal paths are narrow and wrong footing or pushing and shoving in these sections could be pretty disastrous. Treat all other runners with respect and if you wish to overtake avoid doing so on narrow paths and do so on the outside of other runners so the risk is with you.

H azards – Most prevalent hazards include slip and trips, vegetation flicking you in the face and eyes (please consider runners behind you), and getting lost (take your route maps which are issued at registration).

Things that are absolutely worth knowing as a participant;

Tags – all participants will be tagged upon registration. This is to allow us to ensure you have returned safely following the event and that we leave no one on the course rambling around the Gower. All Participants must return their tag to South Gower RFC. This is particularly aimed at the unfortunate 10% that won’t make it all the way back under their own steam and who must report back to South Gower RFC to hand over their tag and not just head down the pub.

Route Maps – All participants will be issued a route map at registration with key safety information on, please take this with you on your run.

Safety Bus – A safety bus will be provided for the injured and untrained but will only pick up at 2 locations. This information will be on your map. If you are asked to get on the safety bus by one of the organisers (probably a regulator or first aider), please do so for your own safety. If you refuse it will be considered that you are no longer part of the event. Extreme cold and fatigue can affect your decision making, so please listen to organisers in this regard.

Regulators – These are the people who will be running with you in your peloton and will guide you through the route. They will be made known to you and will assist and direct you in the event of an accident or an emergency.

Marshals – There will be static marshals positioned at various locations around the route to assist in pointing you in the right direction and give you a bit of support. In the event of an emergency make it known to a marshal where a regulator is not available. There will also be drinking water made available via the Marshalls at 2 locations on route.

Lifeguards – These will only be positioned at sea entries and unless you have a desire to swim the Bristol Channel (which is in no way required or advised) they should not be required. Sea entry to knee height is all that’s required to achieve the press up total submersion technique. Were just taking no chances having seen some of the entrants registered for this year’s event!

In an Emergency – In an emergency make the situation known to a Regulator or Marshall who can initiate the correct response. There are emergency support vehicles and personnel in place as part of the event who can make a quicker response than 999 so speak to a responsible person ASAP if requiring assistance. Locations are remote and can be difficult to access and only knowledge of the area will assure the quickest and best response.

Hot Tubs – on return to South Gower RFC there are hot tubs that can be used by runners, please note that a sudden increase in body temperature could have adverse and serious effects to your health. The use of the hot tubs is done so at your own risk and discretion.

We hope you take heed of the above advice and if you have read this far then well done!!

We wish all our participants the best of luck in what is going to the biggest and best Darth Mannion Beach and Swamp Run Challenge to date!

Spectator vantage points & times.  +/- 20 minutes

09.00am – Runners depart South Gower RFC

09.40am – Pennard Playing Fields

10.00am – Pennard Castle

10.40am – Pobbles Sea Dip

10.50am – Southgate Car Park

11.30am – Pwll Du  Sea Dip

11.40am – Brandy Cove

11.50am – First finishers

Location map