Peloton Running supports the Wales Air Ambulance service

Why support the Wales Air Ambulance service?

The Wales Air Ambulance is the national air ambulance charity for Wales, and provides emergency air cover 365 days a year for those who face life-threatening situations. The charity is funded entirely by donations to raise the £millions each year needed to operate its four helicopters across the country.

We are proud to have chosen Wales Air Ambulance as our charity for all our events. Aside from supporting the Bishopston, Gower and broader Welsh communities, we are also aware that we may one day need them during a challenge!

We raise tens of thousands of pounds a year for the service. To achieve this, we run a number of initiatives including:

  1. Runner fundraising – Each participant is encouraged to raise money through our fundraising page. If each runner raises £20 we can make a massive difference, so please do ask.
  2. Darth t-shirts – For each Darth Mannion t-shirt that we sell, £2 will be donated.
  3. Raffle – During the Darth, we will be running a raffle with some great (and some not so great) prizes.
  4. Charity auction and buckets – As in previous events, there will be a charity auction with some great lots and buckets for your loose change