Why we use a Peloton system

The Darth Mannion is not a race and is not about winning, losing, personal bests or worsts.  It is about a group of individuals coming together, and completing an arduous running challenge as a group.

Pelotons and Regulators

Around 20 Darth Mannion Regulators, including Darth himself, run with the Peloton.  The overall Peloton is split into 6 sub-pelotons, each sub-peloton starting at a different time (the strongest last).  Approximately 1/3 of the way into the route the Sub-Pelotons will merge.

Regulators guide and cajole participants around the course and ensure an appropriate running speed throughout.  Their role also includes management of checkpoints, coordinating sea dips and directing injured or fatigued runners to the safety bus.

All Regulators run with first-aid kits and foil blankets, although administration of first aid is only undertaken by participants’ teammates and qualified support personnel.

Winners and losers

The final one mile can be raced and there are various awards to win here.  Please see our awards section for more detail.

How the Sub-pelotons are organised

When you sign up for the event you’ll be asked to select one of 6 sub-pelotons depending on your running ability. Please be as honest as possible when selecting your sub-peloton.  The slower pelotons have longer breaks at checkpoints so if you are over-cautious and choose below your ability, you may get frustrated or cold. The faster pelotons have limited breaks so if you are over-ambitious and choose above your ability you may fall behind and be asked to drop-out. Our sub-peloton names and colours are listed in order of difficulty below.